If you'd like to get in touch with one of our Committee members you can do so via the form on the right. If you're unsure who to send you message to don't worry - we will make sure it finds it's way to the right person!

Other ways of getting in touch are via the Facebook Group.


Committee 2016-2017


Ben Simons

In overall charge of the club. Duties include delegating any real work to the rest of the committee and welcoming freshers.

Vice President

Felicity Freeborn

Will buy more strobe lighting and alcohol than you'll ever need - runs the social side of things.


Kennedy Dold

In charge of memberships and general housekeeping within the club. Favourite arbitrary time measure is the minute.


Jacob Dyer

The money person - a good idea to pay you meet fees on time or Jacob will kill you. Then charge you a fee.

Meet Secretary

Ellie Bartlett

In charge of transport for all meets, and also the person to talk to if you are looking to get a minibus license. Broom Broom!

Gear Secretary

Eve MacCallum

Rent your gear from me at GBH - everything from crampons to sleeping bags. Bring it back sometime in the next decade please.

Bothy Secretary

Oonagh Thin

Manages the amazing club bothy situated in Kintail at the base of the Five Sisters. Contact for private bookings

Journal Editor

Sam Mills

Compiles all the best adventures throughout the year into a journal which can hopefully be available near the start of next year.

Training & Comps Secretary

Jamie Patterson

Turning scrawn to brawn, the beast maker is in charge of the BUCS team and creating a new generation of wad yummicks. Jamie specialises in making your core hurt like a lil bitch for a week.

Bothy Apprentice

Ali Gray

Learning to bothy.


The Ghost of Chris Chan

The website has become a republic, overseen by the ghost of Chan.

Publicity and Alumni Officer

Alven Liao

Gets the word out about the club and keeps our previous members up to date with all our new adventures. Also contributes to the meme page. A lot.

Safety Secretary

Erling Hertzberg Heldaas

Organises training courses to get you lot some skillz. He protecc bc he safety secc.