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Committee 2021/2022

El Presidente
Louis MacMillan

In overall charge of the club. Mainly just picks the colours for the e-mail and makes sure the SU doesn't hate us.

Eve Scott

Does the president's dirty work. In charge of memberships and documenting committee faff.

Athur Bear

Acquires money, admires money, spends money.

Social Secretaries
Kate Roth and Will Kellas

In charge of bringing wholesome family vibes to the club by organizing Thursday get togethers, piss-ups, adventure races and more.

Meet Secretary
Robbie Hearns

Somehow convinces the SU that we're not dirtbags and worthy of 1-2 minibuses every two weeks.

Gear Secretary
Agnus Davis

Lives in gear store, loves gear store. The main man for renting your kit.

Bothy Secretary
Marisa Allen

Top pal that manages the amazing club bothy situated in Kintail at the base of the Five Sisters. Contact for private bookings.

Journal Editor
Dan Wild

Collates stories you'll pretend happened to you and impress your grandkids with.

Publicity and Alumni Officer

Anna Pasteur

Makes us look cool on Instagram (@theeumc).

Safety and Training Secretary

Tom Hutchinson

Tears limb from limb those who stand between him and funding for YOUR skills courses. Also in charge of organising Wednesday training.

Sustainability Officer
Theo Morgan Lundie

She will whoop your ass if you don't pick up yo trash. Makes sure we don't ruin the planet.

Wellbeing and Inclusion Officer
Lucy Ring

Making sure everyone is having a good time and that the club is accessible to anyone that wants to get involved.

Bothy Apprentice

Tom Mearns

Bothy sec to be

Climbing committee

Climbing Secretary

Santiago McCafferty

Helps you climb more.

Climbing Assistant

George Ball

Helps help you climb more

Competition Secretary

Ronan Blackwood

Helps you win more.


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