Please refer to our Facebook page for meet details each week - but here is a provisional calendar of meets for the year ahead:

29th Sept Bowden
28th Sept North Berwick
4t - 6th Oct Lakes Meet
9th Oct
Alien rock free afternoon
12th Oct Kyloe
18th - 20th Oct Mystery meet
26th Oct Pentland Nav.
26th Oct
Bouldering/sport day trip or ratho
1st to 3rd Nov
SMART  weekend @ glenmore lodge
10th Nov
Climbing day trip or ratho
15th - 17th Nov Bothy meet
23rd or 24th Nov Kincraig
17th - 19th Jan Winter Cairngorms
26th Jan Ratho
31st - 2nd Feb Winter Glencoe
8-9th Feb BASP first aid
9th Feb Ratho
14th - 16th Feb Winter Meet
28th - 1st Mar Torridon Meet
7th Mar
Climbing day trips
13th - 15th Mar Ben Nevis Meet
21st Mar
Climbing day trips
27th - 29th Mar Bothy meet 2
3rd - 6th Mar Extreme rock
4th - 19th Easter rock
22th - 7th Jun Roadtrip
30th May Dinner meet


The social program for the club is organised by the Vice President with regular events happening on Thursday nights. These range from the sensible, for example navigation & avalanche awareness talks, our black tie Christmas Dinner, to the slightly-less-than sensible, such as sock wrestling and beerienteering. Old or new, everyone is welcome!


There are fortnightly meets organised by various committee members. We are going to be trial running online sign ups, which will happen on the morning of the Wednesday beforehand. Please note that places are often in demand and so sign-up is done on a first come first serve basis - the earlier you log in, the more likely you are to get a place! The price of meets are usually £15-£35. You are permitted to go on one meet per year before you are required to pay the club membership fee.

Before the meet, an email will be sent out with meet and transport information, and a kit list. Please note that you are likely to have a very uncomfortable weekend (or worse) if you do not bring everything on this list. If you are missing something: borrow, beg, buy, or try the Gear Store.

The first few meets of the year are structured - there will be options available for those of you that are new to mountaineering. If you are new to climbing, it is highly advisable that you take a course (we offer places on various throughout the year: speak to our Meet Secretary), or at least politely ask more experienced members of the club whether they can give you a safe introduction. Be aware of the risks that you pose to yourself and to others you are with as an inexperienced mountaineer. The more you know, the more steps you can take towards mitigating the inherent risks of mountaineering.