The Graham Brown House (GBH) is the spiritual home of the Mountaineering Club; it's where the Gear Store and the Dempster Wallace Memorial Library are housed, where gear and guidebooks can be hired, and often where socials and talks occur or end up.

Every year six club members move into GBH as the new custodians of the club's home. GBH annually hosts two fancy dress parties, a series of talks and the occasional other social, often including wizard sticks and sock wrestling.



GBH was first given to the club by Professor Graham Brown, who donated his house to the Mountaineering Club in the custody of Edinburgh niversity. After a fall out with the university, however, the club was evicted from the original GBH, the house was sold and the EUMC have eventually ended up in our current flat on Nicholson Street.

Graham Brown was an eminent neurophysiologist and prolific mountaineer, who pioneered several first ascents on the Brenva face of Mont Blanc, as well as first ascents of Mount Foraker in Alaska and was part of the team involved in the first ascent Nanda Devi in the Himalaya, although he did not summit the mountain himself.

For more information on Graham Brown, check out this PDF.

GBH Residents 2018-2019

Amanda Vestergaard

All round classy girl and amazing climber. Won't stand for your shit. 

Russell Jones

Russell will talk at you about physics until schrodinger's cat eventually dies - you'll learn new things all the time around him. Strong af but don't feed him bread or he'll explode in a celiac mess. 

Eve McCallum

Our gear sec this year, Eve is recognisable by a mane of gorgeous brown hair and the the ability to get lost on any night out. 

Juozas Norkus

Juozas is our resident hacker  - he'll end up earning loads of money when he's older as he doesn't believe in luxuries such as 'furniture' or 'seasonings'. He makes up for this minimalist nature by having the most extraordinary music taste...

Fliss Freeborn

I'm gonna let the others write this for me...

Lucy Barnard

Lucy is the organised one and a great all rounder; good chat, always hyped for a night out (she's from Newcastle) and prepared to make friends with you even if she's just met you for the first time when you're naked and drunk.