The club has a gear store with lots of wonderful equipment in it, so here's a guide as to how to use it.


The gear store can NO LONGER be found in GBH. It is now in the Pleasance lockup, which can be found through the archway to the left of the main Pleasance gym building ( Please contact the gear secretary Angus Davis on Facebook messenger to arrange rental.

Gear rental will be available between 6pm and 7pm on Thursday evenings (TBC), if you wish to rent gear at any other time you MUST pre-arrange this with the gear secretary.
Priority is given to those that are signed up for a club meet and people can contact Angus to reserve gear if they are on a meet.

Conditions of Hire

A £40 deposit must be left - this WILL BE cashed if equipment is damaged, lost or overdue. The deposit must be paid in cash but the hiring fee can be paid in cash, PayPal or monzo. Equipment is hired for one week. If you wish to hire it for longer then please say so when hiring. Please treat equipment as if it was your own, after all it may save your life! Please report any faults, as we can't fix what we don't know about.

Anyone hiring gear must sign up for gear store. This can be done online (or in-person during gear store times.)

Equipment Available

  • Item - Member/Non-member price
  • Tent - £3/5 per week
  • Bivy bag - £1/3 per week
  • Rucksack - £1/3 per week
  • Chalkbag - £1/3 per week
  • Compass - £1/3 per week
  • Crampons - £1/3 per week
  • Deadman - £1/3 per week
  • Emergency shelter - £1/3 per week
  • Headtorch - £1/3 per week
  • Helmet - £1/3 per week
  • Harness - £1/3 per week
  • Ice axes - £1/3 per week (per axe)
  • Multi-fuel stoves - £1/3 per week
  • Rock shoes - £1/3 per week
  • Roll mats - £1/3 per week
  • Sleeping bag - £1/3 per week
  • Snow shovel - £1/3 per week
  • Survival bags - £1/3 per week
  • Winter boots - £2/4 per week (b1-b3 rated, walking boots can be hired from the hillwalking club)
  • Few waterproofs - £1/3 per week
  • Hiking/ski poles (pair)- £2/4 per week
  • Skis - £3/5 per week
  • Ski boots - £1/3 per week

*e.g. £1/3 : £1 for members, £3 for non-members