A word from Theo Morgan Lundie, EUMC Treasurer 2020-2022

Hi everyone,

I’m Theo, the treasurer this year. It's my job to manage the club financially, ensuring the best value for members whilst also making sure we work in an ethical and sustainable way. My main goal in this role is making the club as financially accessible as possible – if you have any good ideas about how I can do better I’m super up for a chat.

This is a fairly lengthy section, but is worth reading if you want to understand more about how the club works.

Here we go:

Full year membership is £40 per year for students and non-students.

Single semester membership is £25 per semester, but only available to UoE students.

The club is run as not for profit and members see all of their money come back to them in various ways:

  • Mountaineering Scotland membership (which includes your/our insurance)
  • Subsidised meets
  • Gear store upgrades
  • Cheaper gear store hire
  • Socials
  • Training & instruction
  • Mitigating our environmental impact
  • Occasional educational talks
  • Other things like weekly round-up prizes & things I can’t currently remember

i.e. many good things and whopping good value for money.

If you know you’re joining please get your membership here.

If you don’t know if you’re joining yet, you can make that decision once you’re sure this is the club for you. You can even come on 1 weekend meet before deciding:

You get 1 ‘free’ meet on the club where you don’t need membership but still pay for the trip – this is designed to let you try the club out before committing to membership – (but we know you’ll stay hehe). Please don’t try and get 2 ‘free’ meets as I will be keeping track. (Freshers week trips don’t count towards that tally.)

On top of membership, you do have to pay for meets– these are usually between £10 and £25 with day trips coming in at that or less. This just covers the cost of accommodation and travel. These are usually sold through the SU website and go live 8am Wednesday.

You also pay for some socials, again, as cheap as possible ( and always worth it  )

If you pay for a meet but then can’t go, so long as there is someone on our waiting lists (posted on facebook), and the trip is full, and they then take your space, then you’ll get a refund. You can either organise the money between the 2 of you or it can come through the club.

We take minibuses/coaches on most of our trips but also drive in cars. If you want to drive on a meet you have to take yummicks who have signed up for the trip and you still pay the price of the accommodation, but I will refund you all the fuel you use – i.e. a pretty sweet deal. (I’ll need a receipt approximate to the cost of the drive.) Also, you literally have your own car. If you’ve agreed to drive on a meet (this will be approximately 1 week beforehand) you won’t have to buy a ticket as we’ll already know you’re coming and I’ll just ask you to transfer/pay the accommodation price.

If you drive a minibus for us, you get the whole trip free – if you want to know more about this then speak to Tom Smith, the meet sec.

If I ever say I’m going to transfer you money, I definitely will – it just might take some time. Internet business banking for 200 members can be a bit of a slog so I much prefer to do it all in one go rather than as details come in – hopefully, this is understandable. That said, students and cash flow issues are pretty mutually inclusive, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you need refunds/reimbursements etc in a more timely manner.

Best place to get me is in person, fb messenger or eusu37@ed.ac.uk