Anna & Milo - Aug 2021

We decided to update this website while drunk and isolating during the covid pandemic. Hopefully we didn't break too much. We also purged all the oldy admins, sorry!

Anna Dodge - February 2016


Ash - August 2008

I guess I better write something here, just to keep things complete! A long, long time ago (the start of summer), I was approached by the higher powers of the EUMC committee insisting the website was rubbish and that I do something about it.

So I got to work straight away. Several months later, after charming the computer dudes at the EUCS to let me have some chat page script action run on the Uni server, the site was eventually pimped and ready to be let loose for many more years of slander and debauchery, held together by the holy grail that is the chat page.

Tony Stone - August 2007

Much of the content of this website was written many years ago. It was written by someone called Toby, who is now but a name with no face. James Wells then took up the torch in 2000 giving the site the look it has now - very blue! In more recent times (2007), the backend of the site has been updated by various people. Hopefully it is now in a state such that future web officers will be able to update the site more easily thus allowing the tradition of the blue EUMC website to continue through the generations.

Away from the relative quietude of the main website pages there has been much ado about the beating heart of the EUMC web portfolio: The Chat Page. Many years ago the EUMC website bifurcated: the chat page went one way and the rest of the site went the other. The cause: dastardly techies at EUCS. They decided the chat page script was unsafe, it represented a possible security threat to the uni's servers. So they forced the EUMC to take it off.

Yummick passions rose dangerously high as nonsense and gossip could not be spread at such speed without the EUMC Chat Page. But that was (obviously) not the end for the chat page however. No sir-eeee! One yummick stepped in to save the day. I have no idea who it was but anyway... The chat page was generously hosted on someone's personal webspace, not the uni's, and disaster was overted. Yummicks could once again chat about who pulled who last night while nursing their friday morning hangovers.

Since then the chat page has been tweaked and hosted by a number of yummicks. Most recently Will Barbour rewrote the script to make the chat page database driven. Just think all your countless ramblings stored forever... Wonderful.

So what next for the EUMC Chat Page? Well now it is database driven the uni may let us reintegrate the Chat Page with the rest of the EUMC website thus completing the healing. But never let it be forgotten how one little script was championed against such overwhelming challengers (phpBB, SMF, etc.): A true story of facing adversity and coming out on top!